Villa Park de Regenboog (The Rainbow) Suriname

Villa Park De Regenboog offers 9 luxurious villas. 6 of the beautiful villas are fully equipped and furnished, perfect for vacation and rentals for a short period.

Holder Rentals also gives the opportunity to rent these furnished homes for long term.

Do you have a preference for an unfurnished villa, it is possible at Holder Rentals. For we also offer 3 unfurnished villas, each one unique from each other, so that you can choose which one fits the best for you!

Do you prefer Privacy and a peaceful environment, then you book with Holder Rentals!

When you book with Holder Rentals! You are not just booking a room, you are booking an entire home. More than a hotel, we offer the comfort of a home away from home!

Discover a new vacation experience.

Holder Rentals offers 6 Beautiful Luxurious 4 room villas, which are fully equipped and furnished and 3 unfurnished villas perfect for long term occupation.
The best way to spend your time in 'Swieti' Sranan Kondre is when you stay in one of the villas of Holder Rentals. You will experience the convenience of a home away from home, with a fully furnished kitchen, comfortable living room and bedrooms, spacious garden, excellent protected area with a guard in the evening. Convenietly located by car within 10 minutes from Paramaribo city, 5 minutes to the ring road of Surinam, and only 8 minutes from the Maretraite Mall, the largest and most modern Mall of whole Surinam!